New INT.E.G.RA. Headquarters at Sestri Levante

INT.E.G.RA.’s new headquarters at 15 Via Unità d’Italia in Sestri Levante is now operational! Didn’t get a chance to attend the Regulatory Day on October 17? No problem: it was just the first of many future days dedicated to optimal regulatory management of the cosmetic product and the best use of Dossier Manager. The new […]

Certify your products as microbiome friendly with Kind to Biome®

The skin microbiome is too important to be neglected Human skin is home to billions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Up until recently, it was believed that these microorganisms served little function, and could actually be harmful. However, scientists have discovered that this collection of microorganisms, known as the skin microbiome, plays an […]

Sharon Labs Announces Acquisition of Res Pharma Industriale

Trezzo sull’Adda, March 8th, 2022 – The INT.E.G.RA. family would like to congratulate Sharon Laboratories on its acquisition of Res Pharma Industriale, announced March 1, 2022. Headquartered in Ashdod, Israel, Sharon Laboratories offers a wide range of innovative and patented solutions for the preservation of personal care products, following a scientifically focused approach to address […]

Irritection® protocols can be performed with any plate reader

You don’t have one of the plate readers recommended for the use of Dermal & Ocular Irritection tests? No problem, if your plate reader has405 nm and 450 nm filters, you’ll be able to collect raw optical density (OD) data and then use our Irritection Analyticssoftware to perform data analysis and create a standard Irritection […]

Come visit us at Making Cosmetics 2021!

Book your visit to the stand! Book your appointment at our stand 309 and come and discover all the latest news for you and your business. Dossier Manager 8 New lab testing services Toxicological databases Giorni Ore Minuti Secondi Book your appointment Haven’t registered for Making Cosmetics yet? Register here Don’t miss our TechFocus Thursday […]

Speed, ease of use, animal free: the advantages of Ocular Irritection®

100% animal free TG OECD 492 uses a RhCE tissue model based on a human cell culture.TG OECD 491 uses a rabbit corneal cell line.TG OECD 437 and 438 make use of tissues from slaughterhouses.TG OECD 460 uses kidney cells. Only Ocular Irritection® TG OECD 496 uses a completely acellular and 100% animal free macromolecular […]

SCCS XI: OI® is the only 100% animal free OECD Test Guideline

100% in chemico & animal free As mentioned in the recent SCCS XI, the 11th revision of the “Guidance Notes for the Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients and the Evaluation of their Safety”, in paragraph 3–4.6, when talking about New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) for serious eye damage and eye irritation: TG OECD 492 uses a RhCE […]

Validating alternative methods

Welcome to the fourth episode of In Vitro Focus, a series of in-depth articles written by our technical staff to bring you to the heart of the world of cruelty-free testing. Together we’ll discover all the best practices, latest news, and key players in the industry that is striving to make animal testing a thing […]