Dossier Manager®


The leading method for the management o PIFs and cosmetic industry documents according to Regulation (EC) No.1223 / 2009.

Dossier Manager was initially created as a method for the efficient management of Technical and Regulatory Documentation required by the cosmetic industry.

With the introduction of modules dedicated to more specific areas of the industry, Dossier Manager has since extended its functionality to become the most used cosmetic documentation management software in Italy.

With its flexibility, it is able to meet any need, from those of the novice freelancer to those of multinational companies.


Become autonomous in the use of your Dossier Manager, our staff will follow you in personal courses or inter-company days where you can learn how to unleash its full potential.

If you are a student, find Dossier Manager in your university thanks to our Academy Project.


Dossier Manager is always updated with the latest Technical-Normative updates and offers its users unique support services.

While many management systems providers limit themselves to software support, Dossier Manager offers regulatory and on-demand support services thanks to the experience of INT.E.G.RA ‘s staff and that of our partners.

The Modules

PIF Manager

For the management of the Product Information File in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009.


Dedicated to the Research and Development area of the cosmetic industry.


Designed for the needs of cosmetic production.

Quality Control

Designed for the needs of the Quality Control laboratory.


Perform and track your stability tests with T-LAB.


The new module for the total management of environmental labelling.