INT.E.G.RA. provides unique solutions and services created specifically to meet the needs of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical markets.

  • Dossier Manager® – from data to documents: the leading software and method in Italy for the management of cosmetic regulatory documentation throughout Europe (Reg 1223/2009).

    In addition to the main module “PIF Manager”, Dossier Manager® offers the module “D-Lab” for the management of R&D projects; “T-Lab” for the management of stability tests; “Quality Control” for the needs of the quality control laboratory and the module “Production” for the management of the production area.

    In addition to the software, the method also includes training courses, assistance to regulators and continuous technical/regulatory updates.

  • C.A.O.(Custom Analysis Organization) – CAO evaluates the efficacy and safety of your products and devices through integrated testing strategies with the optimal mix of our unique alternative methods. in vitro, 100% animal free, adopted by the OECD, and all remaining types of microbiological, chemical and volunteer testing.

  • European Partner – InVitro International – as a European partner of InVitro International we distribute, train and support after-sales anyone who wants to make use of the macromolecular in vitro testing kits Ocular Irritection®(TG OECD 496), Corrositex® (TG OECD 435) and Irritection® Dermal.

    No cell culture or cell lab required, 100% animal free, results in unbeatable time.

  • Cosmeting® – our database of toxicological and NO(A)EL information of substances used in cosmetics.

  • NoD (Noael on Demand) – on demand service of toxicological monographs with NO(A)EL and dermal absorption of substances used in cosmetics.

  • INCI Update – on-demand service of data monographs including chemical name, INCI, Ph. Eur., INN and IUPAC names, EINECS/ELINCS, CAS and Color Index numbers, ingredient function, SCCS opinion and cosmetic restrictions INCI names.

  • The Beauty & Wellness Community – thanks to our partnership with Adacta S.p.A., a leading company in the field of sensory & consumer science, we create new tools for listening and we have an online community of thousands of Italian consumers ready to test your products and give you their feedback.

  • Branding Center – we help our clients define their strategic direction, develop their marketing and sales capabilities to connect their organization and realize the full potential of today’s opportunities from an integrated approach to the multi-channel customer experience.