EU Member States report illegal and ineffective disinfectants

Translation into Italian of the ECHA/NR/20/17 Communiqué

Several EU countries have reported to ECHA and the European Commission that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of non-compliant (hand) disinfectants on the market. National law enforcement authorities are taking measures to protect citizens from the risks of illegal and ineffective products.

Helsinki, 5 June 2020 – The high demand for disinfectants to combat COVID-19 and the granting by member states of emergency health permits have attracted new producers and suppliers to the market. These companies may not have prior knowledge of the applicable legal framework and although many of them act in good faith and use all available help offered by ECHA and national authorities, some seem to benefit from the situation.

20 EU Member States have reported an increase in non-compliant (hand) disinfectants on their markets since March 2020.

Where Member States consider that these products pose a serious health risk to both professionals and consumers, they shall communicate the measures taken against them in the Rapid Alert System for non-food products (RAPEX), ensuring a safe single European market and raising public awareness of these products.

National law enforcement authorities continue to carry out market inspections, including controls of online sales, to prevent ineffective products marketed to consumers as disinfectants from being used against COVID-19. Enforcement actions include fines and withdrawal of products from the market.

When disinfectants are produced or used inappropriately, they can pose a health risk rather than keeping us safe. It is important that national authorities monitor and enforce the law, even in times when we are faced with exceptional circumstances. ECHA is collecting feedback from national authorities on specific difficulties and urgent issues that need to be clarified to support national compliance,” says Erwin Annys, head of ECHA’s Support and Enforcement Unit.

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