Brexit: all you need to know regarding the cosmetic legislative aspects

The end of the transition period is approaching: as of 1 January 2021 the United Kingdom will terminate its accession to the European internal market and customs union. Given the latest updates, which suggest an increasingly possible “no deal” and consequent “hard Brexit”, it is good to remember what are the guidelines stipulated by the […]

The new features of Dossier Manager 7.3.

GDPR password, new news interface, software updates and databases, new system for sending emails to regulatory support, let’s discover together all the news of v.7.3. of Dossier Manager. Download the Release Note

The advantages of Dossier Manager with a Floating license

– Costs + Safety + Flexibility + Time on the job The Floating license is the best way to share and spread the use of Dossier Manager to multiple users of the same company, whether they are in the office, at home or around the world. Before illustrating all the practical benefits, some technical advantages: […]

September: the Academy Dossier Manager Project becomes digital

Dossier Manager is increasingly in demand by tomorrow’s professionals. It is for this reason that, as a contribution to the creation of a network of excellence and professionalism in the regulatory field, INT.E.G.RA. has established, in 2015, the Academy Project. The Project makes free the use of Dossier Manager for any institution or institute that […]