Sell our PMC PT2 “Super DIS.INT.E.G.RA.” with your trademark

A long and expensive process

The preparation and submission of a marketing authorization application for medical and surgical devices (PMCs) to be produced in authorized third-party workshops is a lengthy and costly process, even more so for in-house production.

Fortunately, there is a faster and cheaper solution for anyone who wants to market their PMC PT2 surface disinfectant.

Become a distributor

We decided, strengthened by the success obtained with a similar initiative realized for our hand disinfectant gel DIS.INT.E.G.RA. (PT1), to submit an application for marketing authorization for a PMC of type PT2, called Super DIS.INT.E.G.RA., to be proposed to the market for distribution with its own brand and personalized label.

Companies that wish to adhere to this proposal can be included in the application for authorization as “distributor“.

After receiving the Authorization Decree issued by the Ministry of Health, distributors will be able to purchase the product, apply their own personalized label and resell it.

Customizable label and artwork

The finished product can in fact have a label with custom artwork:

each distributor has the right to market the product in question with its own label and brand without the need for further authorization, as long as it complies with the specifications defined by the dossier.

How can I become a distributor of the Super DIS.INT.E.G.RA.?

Participating is simple, the only cost is the participation fee:

  • are you already our customer and distributor of DIS.INT.E.G.RA: (PT1)? The price is €500,00.
  • is this your first time as a distributor? The price is €800.00.

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