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INT.E.G.RA. has always been dedicated to services and solutions for the cosmetic industry.

The growing demand from the market for disinfectant products has generated the need, for many of our customers, cosmetic manufacturers, who already have the possibility to put on the market sanitizing cosmetic products, to have a PMC type disinfectant product under their own brand.

The project

We have submitted an application for marketing authorization for a PT1 type of medical-surgical device (PMC) called “DIS.INT.E.G.RA.”, according to DPR n. 392/1998, to be proposed to our customers for distribution with their own labeling and customized artwork.

Companies wishing to adhere to this proposal will be included in the application for marketing authorization of the product, as a distributor.

After the acceptance of the application the distributors will be able to purchase the product.

The finished product, packaged, may have the distributor’s personalized label, provided it complies with the specifications defined by the dossier, and in particular it must contain the indication of the Authorisation Holder and the Producer.

The formula


Product description: hand disinfectant gel – CUTANEAL DISINFECTANT BASED ALCOHOL ETHYL DISINFECTANT.

Composition: 100 g of product contain: 70.4 g Ethyl alcohol, excipients and deionized water qb

CLAIMS: DIS.INT.E.G.RA.is active against bacteria (GRAM+ and GRAM-, or E.Coli K12, P.Aeruginosa, S.Aureus, E. Hirae), fungi (C.Albicans and A.Brasiliensis) and viruses (Adenovirus, Norovirus and Coronavirus).

APPLICATIONS: DIS.INT.E.G.RA. guarantees an adequate skin disinfection both during everyday life and in hospital. Practical and useful for all those situations in which it is not possible to wash your hands (e.g. when travelling, on public transport).

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Distribute our PMC with your logo

Don’t you want to take the burden of registering your PMC PT1 product?

Insert your company as authorized distributor in our application approved by the Ministry of Health, this will allow you to sell the product with your logo.

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Still too complicated?

Then immediately become a reseller of our PMC PT1, DIS.INT.E.G.RA.

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