Corrositex® FAQ

Q: Is there a list of incompatible substances?

A: Validation studies have shown some issues with “volatiles” but no list of tested substances is available. Since the use of the method is useful for mixtures, rather than known substances, the purpose of Step 1 qualification is precisely to verify whether the sample is compatible.

Q: The products to be tested are primarily “non-water-based corrosive liquid amines”; can they be incompatible?

A: Paragraph 11 of OECD 435 includes amines and so we think there are no incompatibilities. the best way to give an answer is to test some of your blends to see how they behave and gain experience. We can do this in our lab before you adopt the method in yours. To this end, I confirm that for products tested within April we offer a special promotional discount; Mr. Barzaghi will contact you for more details on this opportunity.

Q: once I open the kit, if my samples don’t pass step 1 do I have to throw the kit away?

A: the amount of reagent for qualification is excessive compared to the number of samples that can be tested with the kit: in the “2 samples kit” there are 3 “Qualify test tubes (STEP 1)”, in the “4 samples kit” there are 5 “Qualify test tubes (STEP 1)”. Unused ones can be kept for the validity period indicated. Furthermore, additional “Qualify test tubes” may be requested if needed (we have received this request very rarely). I remind you that once opened, the kit can be used for one week.

Q: How long does a kit kept in stock condition last?

A: 2 years from the date of manufacture. When the shelf life is less than six months we notify the customer before delivery.

Q: Does the method allow for CLP and GHS classification as well as IATA?

A: Yes: the course we did last week with Flashpoint was precisely on the use-oriented “declassification” compared to the classification obtained from the CLP calculation.

Q: Does my lab need to be GLP certified in order to classify my samples?

A: No. CLP/GHS classification testing of mixtures can be done under a “self-assessment” regime. Prior to routine use of the CORROSITEX method according to OECD 435, laboratories must demonstrate technical competence by correctly classifying the twelve suitable substances recommended in Table 2 of OECD 435.