Waste classification with Corrositex®

Corrositex® is our in vitro corrosive test adopted by the OECD, which is particularly useful for waste classification.

Developed byInVitro International, a pioneer in the development and application of in vitro methods, of which we are co-owner for Europe, Corrositex® is available in easy-to-use laboratory kits that enable the precise and cost-effective detection of corrosive waste in unbeatable time.

We can perform the test on your samples at our laboratory or make you able to perform this test yourself after training at our European training center.

For your waste, Corrositex® is recommended by ECHA and the EU

For wastes whose composition is unknown or cannot be determined, the HP 8 danger (Corrosive) can be determined, according to the approach derived from CLP for mixtures by applying the test methods described in the Regulation 440/20083 or other internationally recognized methods.

Corrositex® is qualified for this use and is listed within Table R.7.2-2 “Accepted in vitro test methods for skin corrosion/irritation” of the ECHA guideline “Chapter R.7a: Endpoint specific guidance Version 6.0 – July 2017” for fulfilling obligations under REACH.

In addition, European Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/735 of February 14, 2017 amends Regulation (EC) no. 440/2008 and refers explicitly (first paragraph of the “Initial Considerations“) to our OECD, Test No. 435: In vitro Membrane Barrier Test Method for Skin corrosion (Corrositex®).

Reference to Corrositex®

Reference to Corrositex®