Speed, ease, animal free, grading capability: the advantages of Corrositex®

Only Corrositex® is able to classify the three GHS corrosive subcategories 1A, 1B and 1C

TG OECD 431 only allows discrimination between Sub-cat. 1A from those 1B and 1C.

TG OECD 430 is unable to discern between any subcategories.

Only Corrositex® OECD 435, among all alternative in vitro methods OECD adopted, is able to identify and classify the Cat.1 sub-category of the test substance.

Corrositex® is completely animal free

TG OECD 431 is based on the use of reconstituted human skin.

TG OECD 430 is based on isolated rat skin.

Corrositex® OECD 435 uses an artificial membrane designed to respond to corrosive chemicals in a manner similar to animal skin in situ.

OECD TG 435, page 2

Results in as little as 3 minutes and no more than 4 hours, easy to use, easy to execute

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