La nostra storia

The Beginnings

Since its inception, INT.E.G.RA.'s objective has been to provide concrete and lasting solutions to the needs of our reference market. Our mission to facilitate the work of our customers has led us, over the years, to continuously expand our offer.

INT.E.G.RA. was founded in August 2000 with the aim of developing a new, more effective method for managing the Cosmetic Dossier. Dossier Manager® is developed and has been a great success since its beta presentation at CPHI in Milan. From a mere PIF MANAGER, today Dossier Manager is able to manage the documentation of all company activities, from R&D to production, in an integrated and coordinated way thanks to its additional modules. 

The offer expands

As Dossier Manager grew more and more, the INT.E.G.RA. team worked to find a solution to the other major source of concern for R&D technicians: alternative tests.
In partnership with InVitro International, three important alternative test methods were then released: Ocular Irritection® Assay System, Dermal Irritection® Assay System and Corrositex®, instruments of fundamental importance for laboratories in 23 countries worldwide.

Based on this experience, INT.E.G.RA. also decides to establish its own cell biology laboratory capable of performing in vitro and in vivo tests of effectiveness and safety, in order to support companies in releasing safe and compliant products. 

Upstream and downstream solutions

In 2016 we sensed another market need in the sector, namely to offer its customers a tool for the correct evaluation of the safety of substances contained in a cosmetic product. For this reason NOD (NOAEL On Demand) was created, the e-commerce with a constantly updated database of toxicological data.

In 2017, INT.E.G.RA. fills its last operational gap, customer satisfaction analysis and market introduction. Thanks to the partnership with Adacta S.p.A., a leading company in the field of sensory & consumer science, INT.E.G.RA. creates new tools for listening and an online community of thousands of Italian consumers ready to test the products and give their feedback.