NOAEL On Demand (NOAEL On Demand) is a NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level) database, born in response to the requirement of cosmetic industry regulators to have pre-processed, pre-filtered and preselected information available.
In order to release a cosmetic product on the market, you must fill in the PIF (Product Information File), which must take into account the NOAEL for the Margin of Safety (MoS) calculation. To help you with this process, the regulatory staff of INT.E.G.RA.has collected all the toxicological data of the main substancesused in cosmetics in a rich dedicated database.
Regulatory managers and NOD users in general can access substance lists and download data and monographs of interest.

Thanks to a partnership with Ambrosialab, Università di Ferrara, the database was further enriched by over 800 substances integrated into NO(A)EL on DEMAND. The service is on demand, users can purchase only the information they need.

Dossier Manager users download data automatically to implement MoS calculation. Anyone who does not have the software can download the information, which is made available to the user in secure pdf format.