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During the SICC (Italian Society of Chemists and Cosmetic Science) workshop "The fascinating World of Cosmetic Emulsions", INT.E.G.RA., the official sponsor of the event, illustrated its novelties at the audience of cosmetologists and students.

The focal point of the presentation was the new trade agreement with Adacta S.p.A., which has been working in consumer & sensory research for over 25 years. Specializing in product testing, they offer both "ad hoc" consumer research methods and the use of sensory techniques conducted with experienced judges.

There are numerous national and international companies that entrust Adacta with continuous testing of the performance of their products.

INT.E.G.RA. is the exclusive supplier of the BEAUTY & WELLNESS COMMUNITY service, a consumer panel specifically selected from dozens of thousands of volunteers across Italy, available to carry out product testing aimed at deepening knowledge of end user preferences and gathering information about competition.

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