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CLOUD (SaaS:Software as a service):

Starting with version 6.5, Dossier Manager is also available in CLOUD!

Dossier ManagerĀ®, Software for the Management of Technical-Regulatory Documentation as required by the Cosmetic Industry by REGULATION (EC) No. 1223/2009, is now also available in cloud.

This floating license offers all the management advantages associated with it: for example, you can add multiple add-on licenses that can be used with the same policy, so you can use shared or single utilities. You can also easily enable access even for certain periods, such as, for example, an external consultant, with profiles and pre-defined write and display rights, so that you can supervise your PIF (Product Information File ).

This service absolves the user from all the issues of installation and technology management. It is advantageous for many uses, ranging from the classical (business) to the one of consulting, college, and personal study. Cloud technology allows easy access from any device. Performance is usually higher than that of a normal corporate structure with access from outside.

All management activities are the responsibility of Dossier Manager. In addition to software licenses, you need to access the SaaS (Software as a Service) service, which has a calculated cost per number of accesses.

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