INT.E.G.RA. is official partner and co-owner for Europe of InVitro International , a pioneer company in the development and application of in vitro methods. Their products are easy to use lab kits that enable the accurate and convenient detection of irritating and corrosive substances.

As co-owners, over the years INT.E.G.RA. has undertaken the legislative procedure regarding the acceptance of these in vitro methods in the European Union.

Corrositex® has been accepted according to OECD 435, Ocular Irretection® has been published in “Toxicology in Vitro” while the protocol has been published on EURL ECVAM’s DB-ALM (Data Base service on Alternative Methods) with its own protocol (n°157).

Their kits are a simpler, faster and more ethical alternative to animal testing or patch test procedures.

exclusive distribution
laboratory kits

INT.E.G.RA. is the exclusive distributor for its customers in 23 European countries of InVitro International kits.

European Training Center
Training and Assistance

INT.E.G.RA. is the "InVitro international European Traning Center”: the only center authorized to hold and provide training courses on InVitro international methods.

laboratorio cao
servizio di esecuzione test

If you do not have time or lab space to run the tests you need we're happy to do it for you . Our lab, Custom Analysis Organization performs in vitro tests on samples received from customers, including InVitro International methods and other in vitro tests for safety assessment and for declarations of efficacy.